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If You are looking for a place to celebrate a solemn event , want to arrange
Banquet, Corporate , noted wedding , birthday, graduation or Children's Party
in a cozy restaurant in Kiev ...
Cultural and entertainment complex "Kozatska Dolyna" - this is exactly what You need. Spacious rooms, summer terrace , lake view , clean air - these are the advantages of the interior places . Also , awesome European cuisine , more alcoholic card , excellent service. From entertainment offers broadcast football matches and other sporting events , music, performance animation , and more.
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Celebrating the restaurant:
Banquet - from 300 UAH./man.
Wedding - from 400 UAH./man.
Birthday - from 300 UAH./man .


Celebrating in a restaurant:
 New year's night - 850 UAH./man.
Includes Christmas Program
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live sports:
 Average check - 150 UAH.
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live music:
 Business lunch - 40 UAH.
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Организация праздников

   Создай отличную атмосферу и незабываемый праздник!

Предлагаются услуги:
- Профессиональных Ведущих;
- Музыкальное сопровождение;
- Аниматоры;

Декорации и украшения

специально под ваш праздник (Свадьбы, Корпоративы,
Дни Рождения, Юбилеи)!


     В ресторане работает терминал
для оплаты пластиковой картой.